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The Chemical Lady

Specialised Cleaning Products

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Who We Are

Located in Emerald QLD - 

The Chemical Lady is a local lass who dabbles in specialised cleaning products.  Tired of trying 'Natural' stuff that didn't work.  Finally natural, biodegradable cleaning products that make life easier.

I stumbled upon these products trying to keep the fleet of helicopters clean.  

Turns out it keeps everything clean!

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Citrus 6000 + Ultra Gloss

This was the day it all started...


Exhaust Smut on Helicopter

This machine is who we call the house wife.  She was once a slick machine, but she is getting on a bit.  This black smutting in the paint is from the exhaust fumes burning into the paint.  I had used multiple products to try and remove it.  The best I could get it was the bottom half of the tail. 

I was given a sample of Citrus 6000 to try to see if it would budge it.  I had a fresh bucked of water next to me and a small micro fibre cloth.  I wet the cloth and dabbed the citrus onto the cloth.  

Honestly it was like wiping the bench it came off so easily....

The After!!

Now this for everyone else outside Aviation would be a case of 'oh yeah, whatever'.... But for all the rotor heads (yeah old house wife, got some botox!!) she came up CLEANNNNNN!!

I got carried away and washed and polished the rest of the machine. A task that usually takes 2 weeks, took me 1/2 day.


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Oh she was clean

So as you can see she got a hell of a face lift.  We haven't since this day, had smutty machines, cars, floors.... yeah pretty much everything became Sierra Clean!!!

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Ultra Gloss

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Hangar 7 Emerald Airport
Emerald QLD 4722

0433 161 931

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